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Wide Area Workflow - payment system for electronic payments to/from the federal government.


Wage Determination/Department of Labor Wage Determination: Establishes the prevailing wages and fringe benefits that prime contractors and subcontractors must pay service employees working on covered contracts in specified geographic areas.


Wage Determination Rate: The established amount of compensation and fringe benefits due to an employee working on a covered service contract based upon the prevailing wage rate of a given geographic location.


Workforce Development

WHD (Wage & Hour) Division

Department of Labor, Wage, and Hour Division: The WHD mission is to promote and achieve compliance with labor standards to protect and enhance the welfare of the nation's workforce.


Workforce Investment Act

Work Measurement

The process of determining the amount of time it takes a worker who does not have a disability to perform an operation or an element of an operation using a prescribed method. This amount of time becomes the "standard" against which the productivity of the worker with a disability is compared to determine the commensurate wage.

Workforce Utilization
Goal for Workers with Disabilities

Contractors or subcontractors with a contract of $10,000 or more are subject to this provision. Covered contractors must establish a 7% "workforce utilization goal" for employing individuals with disabilities within each job group. The regulations do, however, allow contractors with fewer than 100 employees to apply the 7% goal to the entire workforce.