We champion value and opportunity.

We have a mission. It’s to amplify the capabilities of our nationwide nonprofit network. It’s to connect our customers to industry-leading products and services. It’s to advocate for the value of people with disabilities in the workplace and increase employment opportunities like never before.

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Number of people with disabilities employed through our network

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$3 Billion

Amount of quality products and services provided annually

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Number of nonprofit agencies in our network

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Mission, Vision, and Values


Increase the employment of people with disabilities by building strong partnerships with the federal government and engaging a national network of nonprofit agencies and experts.


Every American with a disability has career path and employment choices.


  • Integrity: Adhere to the highest ethical standards.
  • Accountability: Honor commitments to each other, our customers, and the people we serve.
  • Passion: Demonstrate intense and unwavering dedication to our mission.
  • Inclusion: Value people for their differing abilities, backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and perspectives.
  • Collaboration: Work together and with others to innovate, adapt, and achieve our collective goals.

SourceAmerica’s Code of Conduct

We at SourceAmerica® believe that adherence to high standards of business integrity and ethical conduct form the foundation of trust reflected in our relationships with customers, suppliers, and the community we serve.

Our Code of Conduct serves as a valuable guide in the support of principled day-to-day decision-making and provides us resources to raise our good faith concerns without fear of retaliation.

SourceAmerica Quality Policy

SourceAmerica is committed to:

  • Providing employment opportunities to people with disabilities
  • Delivering a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining an effective, and documented Business Management System in compliance with ISO 9001 requirements
  • Identifying opportunities that provide continual improvement

“We're part of an incredible mission—one that empowers us to make a tangible impact in the lives of people with disabilities across the country, job by job, contract by contract.”

Richard Belden, Interim Chief Executive Officer

Meet Our Leadership

We’ve said “Let’s go!” from day one.

We’ve become a leading job creator for people with disabilities, connecting individuals and organizations committed to increasing economic and social inclusion. We’ve continued to build resources, put ideas into action, and turn employment advocacy into policy. Working together with other organizations, our nonprofit network, and people like you, we’re making more progress every day.

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