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Research and Development

Randolph-Sheppard Act (RS)

Randolph-Sheppard Act: The federal legislation enacted to provide persons who are blind with remunerative employment, to enlarge their economic opportunities, and to enable persons who are blind to be self-supporting.

Ratio (75/25%)

75% of the direct labor hours must be performed by individuals who are blind or who have significant disabilities; to 25% of direct labor hours performed by person who are not blind or non-disabled.


Request for Equitable Adjustment


Response from government contractor on a quality deficiency notice.

Regs / Regulations

Rules that explain the intent of a law (like the Rehabilitation Act).

Rehabilitation Act

The federal legislation that authorizes the formula grant programs of vocational rehabilitation, supported employment, independent living, and client assistance; as well as, a variety of training and service discretionary grants administered by the Rehabilitation Services Administration. The Act also includes a variety of provisions focused on rights, advocacy, and protections for individuals with disabilities.

Related Corporation

A corporation that is related to another corporation by owning shares, common ownership significantly overlapping board members or management or other means of control. Some NPAs are closely related to other corporations. The nonprofit agency may be one of several subsidiaries of a common parent corporation, or the parent or subsidiary of another corporation or may otherwise be related to one or more corporations that are either nonprofit or for-profit. (U.S. AbilityOne Commission Policy 51.402)


Request for Information


Request for Proposal


Request for Quotation


Request for Impact Determination


SourceAmerica Regional Office


Regulatory, Oversight, and Monitoring supports SourceAmerica's mission and role as a CNA by education, assisting, monitoring, and reporting NPAs compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the AbilityOne Program.


Rehabilitation Services Administration: A division of the Department of Education that administers many disability programs; including the Rehabilitation Services Act.