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Finals Event

IDEATE Engineering Competition

Wednesday, April 13

The SourceAmerica® IDEATE competition is a unique national engineering challenge. It invites motivated high school and college engineering students from across the country to innovate ways to improve workplace inclusion and opportunities for people with disabilities.

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Xforce National Conference
Dallas, TX

Monday, May 23 - Wednesday, May 25

Be a force at SourceAmerica’s Xforce National Conference. Xforce is where we bring together our unique perspectives, experiences, and energy to multiply employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

2022 Grassroots Advocacy Conference

Grassroots Advocacy Conference
Washington, DC

Monday, June 13 - Thursday, June 16

The Grassroots Advocacy Conference is an annual, invite-only event that brings together employees with disabilities, their families, and employers from our network of nonprofit agencies.


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Find out more about SourceAmerica, our network of nonprofit agencies, and how we help secure contacts that will provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Our press releases and events showcase the partnerships, success stories, experience, and quality that we bring to the people we serve.


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