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Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance Evaluator or Evaluation


Quality Assurance Plan


Quality Assurance Representative


Quality Assurance Specialist


Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan


Quality Control


Quality Control Plan


Quality Deficiency Notice


Quality Deficiency Report


Quarterly Employment Report: The QER was developed by SourceAmerica to facilitate the collection of data from NPAs that participate in the AbilityOne Program. This report is submitted quarterly via a web-based application that is available to NPAs that have AbilityOne contracts. The QER helps SourceAmerica monitor the disabled direct labor ratios of AbilityOne participating NPAs throughout the year. Additionally, it enables the SourceAmerica Regulatory, Oversight and Monitoring team to provide technical assistance when necessary and to ensure each NPA maintains the required agency-wide direct labor ratio of 75%. A Quarterly Employment Report User's Guide is available on the Extranet (login required).


Quality Inspection Specialist

Qualified Nonprofit Agency

An agency organized under the laws of the United States or any State, operated in the interests of persons with severe disabilities who are not blind, and the net income of which does not inure in whole or in part to the benefit of any shareholder or other individual; which complies with applicable occupational health and safety standards prescribed by the Secretary of Labor; and which in furnishing commodities and services (whether or not the commodities or services are procured under these regulations) during the fiscal year, employs persons with severe disabilities (including blind) for not less than 75 percent of the work hours of direct labor required to furnish
such commodities or services. (41 CFR 51-1.3)


Quality Work Environment: A workplace that identifies and adopts best practices intended to fulfill the Commission's guiding principles for AbilityOne Program employers:
(1) Opportunities to do the work of their choice with appropriate supports and/or workplace flexibilities, alongside non-disabled employees where all workers receive competitive wages and benefits, either with their current employer or other community-based businesses;
(2) Ongoing training opportunities that make employment with other community- based businesses possible, by teaching job skills and social skills, as well as promoting the worker's leadership and management potential; and
(3) A clear path to career advancement opportunities, which details what opportunities are available and the steps the worker must accomplish to achieve promotion in a reasonable time period. (U.S. AbilityOne Commission Policy 51.100)