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Dun and Bradstreet: Reporting services provide commercial data, analytics, and insights for businesses. SourceAmerica uses their services to obtain details about current contractors to help determine impact and an overview of the company.


Determinations and Findings: A special form of written approval by the U.S. AbilityOne Commission for Procurement List actions that is required by the statute or regulations.


Davis-Bacon Act: A United States federal law that establishes the requirement for paying the local prevailing wages on public works projects for laborers and mechanics.


Doing Business As


Defense Contract Audit Agency


Direct Delivery Shipment


Defense Commissary Agency

Deleted Agency

An NPA that has not been authorized to provide a product or service on the Procurement List in more than one year, or a verified agency that has not received a project in a year since verification.


Defense Electronics Supply Center (part of Defense Logistics Agency)


The official determination by the Commission that one or more NPAs will deliver a product or service that is on or added to the Procurement List. Designation occurs after the Commission determines a proposed product or service is suitable to be added to the Procurement List and the Commission independently decides that the NPA(s) are qualified and capable to deliver the product or service. The designation is announced in the Federal Register Notice of addition to the Procurement List. Designation may also be changed by administrative action subsequent to Procurement List addition. A notice of change to the Procurement List is issued to show the designated NPA(s). Note: A designated NPA is not the same as a participating NPA. (U.S. AbilityOne Commission Policy 51.301)


Defense Finance and Accounting Service


Disabled Full Time Equivalents

Direct Employment

Placement that occurs when a nonprofit agency places an individual with a significant disability who has never performed direct labor at the NPA into a supported or competitive employment job. (U.S. AbilityOne Commission Policy 51.401)

Direct Labor

Includes all work required for preparation, processing, and packing of a product, or work directly relating to the performance of a service; but does not include supervision, administration, inspection, or shipping.


Defense Industrial Supply Center (part of Defense Logistics Agency)


Defense Logistics Agency

DLA Troop Support (new name for DSCP)

Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (part of DLA)

DLA Troop Support (new name for DSCP)

Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (part of Defense Logistics Agency)


Direct Order Authorization


Direct Order Authorization Amendment


Director of Contracting


Department of Defense


Department of Energy


Department of Education


Department of Justice


Department of Labor: A cabinet-level department of the U.S. federal government responsible for occupational safety, wage and hour standards, unemployment insurance benefits, reemployment services, and some economic statistics.


Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (part of Defense Logistics Agency)

Drug Free Workplace Policy

Applies to all federal grantees (regardless of the amount of the grant) and most prime contracts more than $100,000. Coverage is on a contract by contract basis—not on an enterprise basis—so not all employees may be covered. Subcontractors on a covered contract are not subject to the provisions. Contracts paid from non-appropriated funds are not subject to this program. Covered employers must create both a drug free workplace policy and program and advise covered employees of both. Covered employees must notify employer within 5 calendar days of any drug conviction; employers then have 10 calendar days to advise contracting agency of the conviction.


Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (part of Defense Logistics Agency)


Department of Veterans Affairs: A federal Cabinet-level agency that provides near- comprehensive healthcare services to eligible military veterans at VA medical centers and outpatient clinics located throughout the country; several non-healthcare benefits including disability compensation, vocational rehabilitation, education assistance, home loans, and life insurance; and provides burial and memorial benefits to eligible veterans and family members at 135 national cemeteries.