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Join SourceAmerica® and our national network of nonprofit agencies and become a force in growing a workplace of inclusion for people with disabilities. Together, we will drive key initiatives that support your organization and the greater community. From events to training programs, technology testing and other diversity and inclusion projects, we can create a force that promotes diversity awareness and appreciation, increases creativity and productivity, and changes our world for the better.

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Partnership opportunities include mentoring a nonprofit agency in the SourceAmerica network. Through our Mentor/Protégé Program, nonprofit protégés can learn from mentors’ business expertise and apply that knowledge to grow their organizations – which expands and strengthens our collective network. Protégés can share best practices to help mentors meet corporate social responsibility and diversity and inclusion goals. Together, the mentor/protégé team can explore new contracting opportunities. Increase meaningful job opportunities and create greater possibilities for people with disabilities by joining our Mentor/Protégé Program.

If you’re looking to strengthen your diversity and inclusion efforts and pursue business solutions that are good for your organization AND good for America, we want to connect with you. Complete the form below, and let’s start a conversation about customized partnership opportunities.

If your organization is in the market for products and services provided by people with disabilities, SourceAmerica can help with that too. Learn how it works.

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