Achievement Awards Eligibility and Nomination Guidelines

Please review the following eligibility and nomination guidelines before submitting an award nomination to ensure your nominee is positioned for success.


  • Achievement Awards submissions are for accomplishments demonstrated for at least one year prior to the time of nomination.
  • The nominating nonprofit agency must be affiliated with SourceAmerica.
  • The nominating nonprofit agency must be in compliance with SourceAmerica guidelines and standards.
  • Nonprofit agencies may not submit a nomination for an award they won the previous year. They may, however, submit a nomination for other awards.
  • SourceAmerica board members and NCSE Executive Committee representatives and their organizations are only eligible to receive NCSE-related awards. This does not apply to employees, business partners, and customers of these organizations, all of whom are eligible for the full slate of Achievement Awards.
  • SourceAmerica board members and NCSE Executive Committee representatives and their organizations are not eligible for any financial prize.
  • For 2023, SourceAmerica staff and leadership may submit nominations for three awards: Business Partnership, Innovation, and Force Multiplier.

How to Create a Successful Nomination

Tips for Success

  • Review award-specific criteria to ensure your nomination is in the appropriate category.
  • Submit a nomination for as many different awards as desired; however, your NPA may only submit one nomination per award.
  • Submit a compelling essay (one page, single-spaced) explaining the reason(s) for nominating the exemplary employee, NPA, business partner, or customer.
  • Include quotes from managers, co-workers, etc.
  • Attach up to three supporting documents, such as news articles, letters of recommendation, and videos with each submission.
  • Start and complete your nomination ahead of the submission deadline.

Drafting Your Essay

  • Take a look at this sample essay before you begin to write.
  • Carefully review nomination form questions and essay requirements for your award.
  • Draft an outline to guide the writing of your essay.
  • Identify and collect the supporting documents you wish to submit along with your essay.
  • Make your essay stand out by including specific examples of your nominee’s accomplishments, results, and impact.
  • State if the nomination is for work on an AbilityOne® contract.
  • Use "People First" language:
    • People First language defines the person before the disability.
    • For example, use the term "people with disabilities," not the "disabled" or "handicapped."

Submitting Your Nomination

  • Review your essay and supporting documents before you enter them into the online nomination form.
  • Changes cannot be made once a nomination has been submitted, even if it's submitted before the deadline.
  • After you've entered all the required information, click the Submit button and you'll receive a confirmation of your submission.
  • If you don't receive a confirmation, contact us at