Achievement Awards Eligibility Guidelines

Please review the following eligibility guidelines before submitting an award nomination to ensure your nominee is positioned for success. The Achievement Awards FAQs are also a great resource.


  • Achievement Awards submissions are for accomplishments demonstrated for at least one year prior to the time of nomination.
  • Submit a nomination for as many different awards as desired; however, your NPA may only submit one nomination per award.
  • The nominating nonprofit agency must be affiliated with SourceAmerica.
  • The nominating nonprofit agency must be in compliance with SourceAmerica guidelines and standards.
  • If a nonprofit agency won an Achievement Award in 2023, the agency may not submit a nomination for that same award for 2024.
  • If a subcontractor as part of the SourceAmerica Prime Vendor program is a nonprofit agency affiliated with SourceAmerica, their employees are considered AbilityOne employed and qualify for these awards.
  • SourceAmerica Board members and NCSE Executive Committee representatives and their organizations are not eligible to receive Achievement Awards, with the exception of the following employee awards:
    • William M. Usdane Award
    • Evelyne Villines Award
    • Honor Roll for Veterans Award
    • Tom Miller Advocacy Award

For 2024, SourceAmerica staff and leadership may also submit nominations for the Business Partnership Award and the Innovation Award.