Achievement Awards Frequently Asked Questions

How can I submit an Achievement Award nomination?
What can I do to position my nominee for success?
Do the nominees for the employee awards have to be employed on an AbilityOne contract?
Can I nominate an employee, business partner, customer, or NPA if I nominated them last year and they didn't win?
I have a nominee that seems to fit multiple award categories. Can I nominate them in more than one category?
I see video and essay submissions are allowed for this year's nominations. Can I, or do I have to, submit both?
What is the difference between the nominating video/essay and supporting documents?
Will I be notified if my award winner doesn't win?
What if I have a video that was already made about my nominee, and I want to submit it as my nomination?
Do I have to include supporting documents as part of my submission?
I’ve had some stellar nominees. Why haven’t they won?
What are the top tips you would give?

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