At SourceAmerica, one of our primary responsibilities is to support a national network of nonprofit agencies that employ people with disabilities. We do this by offering professional training, contract and account management expertise, regulatory assistance, and business resources.

Throughout the year, SourceAmerica hosts online and in-person training sessions, webinars and in-class instruction. But a highlight for SourceAmerica in 2016 was the annual National Training and Achievement Conference. The theme – It Starts With Us – expressed our commitment to accountability. After several days of providing intensive professional development, the event culminated with an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding individuals employed at nonprofit agencies in our network. While everyone knows the importance of the bottom line in business, when the award recipients shared their personal stories, we were all reminded that the value of employment is much more than a paycheck.

Other noteworthy support highlights in 2016 included but weren’t limited to: an ambitious undertaking to refresh the SourceAmerica Academy nonprofit agency training platform, an enhancement of Regulatory Oversight & Monitoring operational processes, and a formalized enterprise-wide Contract Management Policy & Technical Assistance Program.

This year in support of our nonprofit agencies, we also launched our NPA of the Future initiative to explore what the future holds for nonprofits. We hosted three focus groups and met with 44 individuals from 37 nonprofits in our network representing 23 states. What was unchanged from years prior was SourceAmerica’s unwavering commitment to our network of nonprofit agencies and people with disabilities.


Shaping the policy conversation starts with us. Developing capability and capacity starts with us. Challenging the status quo starts with us. Supporting integrated employment starts with us. Determining the future direction of our network starts with us – right here, right now.
—President and CEO Steve Soroka