Palmetto Goodwill: A Federal Partnership Success Story

Palmetto Goodwill Services / Charleston, SC


For over 25 years, Palmetto Goodwill in Charleston, South Carolina, has proven to be a true mission partner with the federal government by employing and empowering people with disabilities through the AbilityOne® Program. AbilityOne contracts with authorized providers in the SourceAmerica® network like Palmetto Goodwill also bring significant economic value. A recent study found that the AbilityOne Program provides an average return on investment for the federal government of $2.66 for every $1 spent to administer the Program.

Palmetto Goodwill provides hundreds of jobs for individuals with disabilities in food service, custodial and postal services, including at the Joint Base Charleston dining facility and historic government buildings in Charleston. These jobs offer meaningful employment and opportunities for upward mobility, as they did for Anthony Green. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder while in the Navy, Green at one point found himself homeless. Through the AbilityOne Program, Green began working as a food service worker and steadily progressed through the management ranks. He now oversees the Navy galley as assistant manager.

Palmetto Goodwill is a model partner for the federal government and the military, providing high-quality service at a fair market price. To learn more about the AbilityOne Program and how it can benefit your federal agency, contact SourceAmerica at