At SourceAmerica, our dream is meaningful employment and choices for all people with disabilities who seek it. We are committed to creating and operating in a high-performance work environment to fulfill our dream.

In 2016, we moved our internal data to a cloud-based infrastructure and began Enterprise Resource Planning efforts. We had 100 percent participation on a newly launched Ethics and Compliance Program, and we completed an enterprise-wide risk assessment.

To properly protect and maximize intellectual assets, we launched an intellectual property program and an information governance program.

We filled 70 positions on the SourceAmerica team with talented professionals, and we worked to improve internal processes. We also hosted employee town halls and special observance ceremonies such as the recognition of the Americans with Disabilities Act anniversary.

Visitors to our national office in Vienna, Virginia, saw our building refresh that took place in September. The result was a brighter and more branded environment for SourceAmerica employees and their guests.