Advocacy comes in many different forms, and in 2016 SourceAmerica continued to amplify the voice of people with disabilities through multiple channels. We did so through feature stories on our website that demonstrated the value and successes of people with disabilities in the workplace. We did so by educating employers and legislators on the societal and economic benefits of employing people with disabilities. We did so by visits to Capitol Hill and working with legislators on language that impacts disability employment. And we did so by sponsoring a speakers bureau to promote our cause through the power of personal perspective.

In April and in June, NPA representatives who attended our Advocacy Day and Grassroots Advocacy Conference confidently went to Capitol Hill to tell their legislators why their jobs matter. On Advocacy Day, 49 participants representing 24 nonprofit agencies and 29 states and Washington, D.C., went to the Hill. During Grassroots, 55 self-advocates representing 46 nonprofit agencies from our network from 37 different states and Washington visited their senators and representatives.

Influencing legislation and regulations that impact employment for people with disabilities is a daily function, as is working with our network of nonprofits to encourage their participation. This year 56 nonprofits had congressional members visit their work sites. We also recruited 16 new AbilityOne Congressional Champions.

Our speakers from our Speakers Bureau highlight the talent and potential of people with disabilities and promote the message of tolerance both in and out of the workplace. Amplifying the voice of people with disabilities, we fielded 16 Speakers Bureau events throughout the country.