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CEO Steve Soroka onstage at the annual conference

We support a national network of NPAs employing people with disabilities.

At SourceAmerica, one of our primary responsibilities is to support a national network of nonprofit agencies that employ people with disabilities. We do this by offering professional training, contract and account management expertise, regulatory assistance, and business resources, such as franchise opportunities.

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An Cyclepoint employee works with recycled electronics

We create job opportunities in government and commercial sales arenas.

In 2016, SourceAmerica committed its resources to becoming the national disability employment leader. We enhanced our communications and sales efforts and successfully increased job opportunities in the commercial and government sales arenas.

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Design Challenge participants work on their project

We implement innovative and technological improvements that impact future employment.

Future employment opportunities are impacted by innovative and technological improvements. In 2016, SourceAmerica’s rehabilitation engineers, programs like Pathways to Careers and Design Challenge and emerging projects and methodologies challenged the status quo and illustrated how “smarter and better” is done.

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The Capitol building reflected in water

We amplify the voice of people with disabilities through advocacy.

Advocacy comes in many different forms, and in 2016 SourceAmerica continued to amplify the voice of people with disabilities through multiple channels.

We did so through feature stories on our website that demonstrated the value and successes of people with disabilities in the workplace. We did so by educating employers and legislators on the societal and economic benefits of employing people with disabilities. We did so by visits to Capitol Hill and working with legislators on language that impacts disability employment. And we did so by sponsoring a speakers bureau to promote our cause through the power of personal perspective.

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The AbilityOne Cooperative Agreement

We facilitate the AbilityOne Program as the designated CNA.

Perhaps the most significant event of 2016 for SourceAmerica was the signing of a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. AbilityOne Commission. This fulfilled the requirement of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2016 to establish a written agreement between SourceAmerica, an AbilityOne central nonprofit agency, and the Commission.

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A hallway in the SourceAmerica headquarters

We promote commitment to our mission through a high-performance work environment.

At SourceAmerica, our dream is meaningful employment and choices for all people with disabilities who seek it. We are committed to creating and operating in a high-performance work environment to fulfill our mission.

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Mission by the Numbers


People with significant disabilities employed on AbilityOne contracts


Direct labor hours performed by people with significant disabilities employed on AbilityOne contracts


People with significant disabilities placed in jobs in the community by SourceAmerica-affiliated, AbilityOne-producing agencies


People with significant disabilities employed by SourceAmerica-affiliated, AbilityOne-producing agencies


Average hourly wage paid to people with significant disabilities employed on Ability-One contracts*


Total product and service sales provided to federal government through AbilityOne contracts


Direct labor wages paid to people with significant disabilities employed on AbilityOne contracts

*Subject to U.S. AbilityOne Commission reconciliation

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Financial Summary

Cash and Cash Equivalents $10,112,843
Investments at Fair Value $29,881,380
Receivables, net $28,736,555
Note Receivables, net $3,363,625
Prepaids and Other Assets $2,066,267
Property and Equipment, net of depreciation $10,155,680
Total $84,316,350
Financial Assistance
Loans $2,176,158
Grants and Subsidies $1,662,986
Total $3,839,144
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