Group Responsibilities Personal Duties and Expectations
Support the mission, vision, and values of SourceAmerica®
  • Comply with the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy as well as all other Board policies
  • Carry out legal duties of care, loyalty, and obedience to SourceAmerica and its mission
Support the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act and the AbilityOne® Program
  • Positively represent SourceAmerica and the AbilityOne Program to the public and to the private industry
  • Diligently and positively advance SourceAmerica's relationship with the U.S. AbilityOne Commission, National Nonprofit Agencies ("NNAs"), National Council of SourceAmerica Employers ("NCSE"), Nonprofit Agencies ("NPAs"), people with significant disabilities, and other key stakeholders
  • Be knowledgeable about the needs and employment of people with disabilities
Organizational Governance
  • Establish policy
  • Attend meetings and demonstrate commitment to SourceAmerica and the Board
  • Be well-informed of issues and agenda items prior to meetings
  • Speak as one voice once a decision has been made by the Board
  • Actively engage with the Board and its committees, working groups, and other assignments
  • Assume leadership roles in various Board and committee activities
  • Constructively partner with other members, the CEO, and staff
President and CEO Oversight
  • Hire, supervise, support, and evaluate the President and CEO
Strategic Plan Oversight
  • Lead the development, revisions, and oversight of the strategic plan
  • Energetically foster mission, strategic, and organizational success
Fiduciary Duties
  • Monitor programs and finances, and ensure adequate resources
  • Maintain confidentiality of all meetings and materials
  • Act in the best interests of SourceAmerica irrespective of a member's constituency
  • Contribute to the identification and development of new Board members
  • Participate constructively in all discussions and decision-making
  • Contribute time, thought, effort, knowledge, and experience to SourceAmerica
  • Listen respectfully to other points of view