At SourceAmerica, every day is Veterans Day

By Karen Stecher 11/09/2020
Veterans Day is November 11

As we celebrate Veterans Day, SourceAmerica honors those who have worn the uniform of our nation’s military. Many of our employees have served our country in active duty and reserve roles prior to and, for some, during their employment here.  

We know that all veterans – including those with disabilities -- deserve access to meaningful and fulfilling career opportunities when they make the transition to civilian life. That’s why SourceAmerica, along with our nationwide network of more than 700 nonprofits, connects people with disabilities, including veterans, to jobs in a variety of fields. 

For over 45 years, SourceAmerica has connected people with disabilities to employment opportunities on federal contracts. This commitment includes veterans, and we are proud of the work we do to help transfer their military skills to other fields. 

Veterans who connect to jobs through the SourceAmerica network have the chance to support those still serving on active duty. Through the AbilityOne® Program – one of the largest sources of employment in the United States for people who are blind or have significant disabilities – SourceAmerica’s network helps make sure its military customers are mission-ready. In fact: 

We currently have over 20 active projects with the Marine Corps, approximately 40 with the Coast Guard, around 170 with the Navy, over 200 with the Air Force, and more than 650 with the Army. 

Marine Corps projects are active in 9 states/territories, Coast Guard projects in approximately 20 states/territories, Navy projects in around 30 states/territories, and Army and Air Force projects in over 40 states/territories each.  

Almost 20 nonprofits in the SourceAmerica network are working on active Marine Corps projects, nearly 30 on active Coast Guard projects, over 80 on Navy projects, nearly 90 on Air Force projects, and almost 200 on Army projects. 

SourceAmerica’s mission to create jobs for people with disabilities has resulted in thousands of veterans obtaining employment through the support of these programs. Many of these veterans are professionals with disabilities who are contributing to keeping our nation safe and secure by performing essential services including manufacturing military uniforms, creating personal protective equipment, and providing critical custodial service to federal facilities that must remain operational during the pandemic.   

Veterans have skillsets that benefit them and their employers after they transition out of the military. They have learned the importance of teamwork, know how to perform under pressure, and have experienced the strength of diversity and inclusion within a unit. Former service members also have proven leadership skills, making them great candidates for managerial roles. These are some of the top attributes that employers are looking for and the keys to success in any workplace. 

At the same time, many veterans leave the service with disabilities that may make it more challenging for them to find fulfilling careers. Smart managers and recruiters know that post-traumatic stress disorder, physical injuries, and other disabilities don’t limit veterans’ skills. 

According to the most recent available data from the U.S. Census, there are 17.4 million veterans in the United States. The SourceAmerica Veterans Program connects veterans with disabilities to our nationwide network of nonprofit agencies looking for talented employees with specialized skills and a proven dedication to duty. These nonprofits also provide military-to-civilian employment transition assistance, job training, career counseling, and other services to boost on-the-job success. 

SourceAmerica’s network offers access to top-rated products and services. The organization is uniquely positioned to meet the needs for government and commercial organizations – from Contact Center and IT Services to Total Facilities Management and Medical Supplies. To learn more about SourceAmerica, how we support the U.S. military and our Veterans Program, visit or email

This Veterans Day is an opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation to veterans and their families for all they do to keep us safe. To all of you, we thank you for your service.