Happy Birthday to the U.S. Air Force!

By Perry Luksin 09/18/2020
US Air Force Birthday September 18

Air Force Day on September 18 recognizes the founding of the U.S. Air Force. Before its creation, the military's flying operations were shared by the U.S. Army (on land) and the U.S. Navy (by sea). World War II strongly demonstrated the value of airpower, while also presenting an opportunity to expand our nation's military forces. The Air Force became a separate branch of our nation's armed forces 73 years ago, with the passing of the National Security Act of 1947.

Fun facts

In honor of Air Force Day, we'd like to share a few fun facts about our work with the Air Force:

  • SourceAmerica's Air Force account services team, the Air Force Installation Contracting Center, Air Force Installation Mission Support Center and Air Force Civil Engineering Center meet twice a year for program management reviews to discuss project performance, current and future needs and assess job growth for professionals with disabilities.
  • Our projects with the Air Force span 45 states and territories.
  • There are currently 89 Nonprofit Agencies (NPAs) working on active Air Force projects.
  • As of late August of this year, SourceAmerica has 210 active Air Force projects on the Procurement List. The list covers products and services that are a part of the AbilityOne® Program and is maintained by the U.S. AbilityOne Commission.
  • Custodial projects are our largest line of business with the Air Force, followed by food service and total facility management.
  • Our basewide grounds maintenance project at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, is our oldest active Air Force project, dating back to 1976!
  • The Air Force AbilityOne Representative (ABOR) Program was established in 2017 to support the expansion of the AbilityOne Program. There are approximately 4,840 professionals with disabilities currently employed on Air Force AbilityOne projects.

Project highlights

FY20 job growth through the Air Force
In FY20, SourceAmerica started two new Air Force AbilityOne projects in the high-growth areas of patient appointment services and IT services. These projects were the result of our collaboration with the Air Force ABORs, who have been designated by Air Force leadership to identify areas for program growth. In addition to these two projects, SourceAmerica added 6 additional Air Force projects with support from the NPA community.

Data analysis joint project
For the last year, SourceAmerica has been working on a joint project with the Air Force to collect and analyze AbilityOne Program data from its installations. This data, which is derived from SourceAmerica's Employee Research System (ERS) and populated quarterly by participating NPAs, reflects the significance of the program's economic impact, including the cost savings to the federal government and surrounding communities. The Air Force will be sharing the results of our analysis with community leaders who represent the communities impacted by these bases. Going forward, this information is anticipated to be a game-changing mechanism for the Air Force to communicate the benefits of the AbilityOne Program to their stakeholders.

First aid kits
For over 15 years, we've been helping design, prototype and supply first aid kits for the Air Force. In FY20, SourceAmerica, in partnership with NPA The Resource Center and the Air Force, worked together to modernize the Air Force's Mass Casualty First Aid Kit. Since 2005, SourceAmerica has worked with The Resource Center and the Air Force to produce hundreds of thousands of first aid kits. Since 2006, SourceAmerica has provided support and resources to NPA Friendship Industries, to produce over one hundred thousand Escape & Evasion Kits (a modified version of the Air Force's Joint First Aid Kit).

For nearly 15 years, SourceAmerica and the NPA community have continually met the Air Force's combat uniform needs. NPAs began manufacturing the Airmen Battle Uniform (ABU) in 2006 and pivoted to support the Air Force's transition from the ABU to the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) in 2019. Today, NPAs produce hundreds of thousands of ACU coats and trousers annually to support both the Air Force and Army's combat uniform needs. In addition to combat uniforms, NPAs support the Air Force's dress uniforms. In 2020, the Air Force through the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, approached NPAs with Air Force contracts to participate in prototyping an improved Service Dress Uniform (SDU). One NPA submitted prototype proposals for the SDU women's skirt and slacks. The outcome of these proposals in expected in early calendar year 2021.

Additional info

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