Doing our part to train a more inclusive workforce

By Perry Luksin 01/21/2021
Doing our part to train a more inclusive workforce

Many nonprofit agencies (NPAs) that employ people with disabilities offer job-related and skill-based training to their employees to assist in their career growth. SourceAmerica, in our role as a disability employment leader, supports their efforts by providing professional development to the NPAs in the SourceAmerica® network (the network). We offer participating NPAs a variety of tools and guidance to strengthen their business, enhance the capabilities of their workforce and deliver for customers. We also assist participating NPAs with contract management, engineering and technical assistance, workforce development, legislative advocacy and financial assistance.  

One of the many benefits of joining the network is access to an extensive learning management system called the SourceAmerica Academy (the Academy). The Academy is a library of over 6,000 courses that are tailored to meet the needs of NPAs serving people with disabilities and are designed with upward mobility in mind. NPA employees can take courses to improve workplace skills such as problem-solving and communication, as well as build technical skills in high-demand areas like cybersecurity, medical coding and information technology.  

Just like matching the right person with the right job is essential to workplace success, SourceAmerica also encourages training to be person-centered. It begins with helping the individual identify their interests, as well as their strongest attributes. It might also include finding ways to help strengthen their soft skills; such as communication and professionalism, so they’re better prepared in the workforce.  

Academy courses are offered in a variety of formats, including virtual instructor-led, webinar and e-learning. Most Academy courses are also recorded for viewing any time, 24/7! Some of our trainings are also conducive to being administered by a facilitator from an NPA. Even if people cannot gather for in-person training, they can continue to learn online. (In case you missed it, last month we featured a story highlighting the Academy and our efforts to maintain robust training options for NPAs during the COVID-19 pandemic.) 

If there’s a training need that isn’t addressed through the Academy, NPAs are encouraged to share this feedback with SourceAmerica so we can continue to develop our library to meet their training needs. 

“We want to make sure our training offerings truly help the inclusive workforce within the SourceAmerica network,” said David Watson, SourceAmerica’s curriculum designer. “We regularly incorporate NPA feedback into the courses so that we’re continually supporting skill-building and ultimately, professional growth for people with disabilities.”  

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