Becoming a part of the SourceAmerica Network

By Jason Golden 01/13/2021
Becoming a part of the SourceAmerica Network

SourceAmerica® is a leading job creator for people with disabilities. We are also a connector – a force for change – uniting individuals and organizations committed to increasing economic and social inclusion for people with disabilities. SourceAmerica provides the framework for nonprofit agencies to access opportunities for employment that can be life changing.

There are approximately 700 different nonprofit agencies in the SourceAmerica network. Many of these organizations are local and regional affiliates of well-recognized national brands like Easterseals or Goodwill. Some are local organizations that are making an impact on employment prospects for people with disabilities in their community but may not have the name recognition of a larger organization. Together they all have one common goal -- providing jobs for people with disabilities.

Darcy Hedrich, a relationship management representative with SourceAmerica, works with new and prospective nonprofit agencies which are interested in joining the network. “The Relationship Management Program team provides guidance and tools to help position newly affiliated nonprofit agencies succeed," she said. "By joining the network, the nonprofits have access to AbilityOne opportunity postings which can create more jobs for people with disabilities, access to trainings, and networking opportunities with other nonprofits.”

When a nonprofit agency joins the SourceAmerica network, their overall impact and reach is amplified. One of the key benefits available to nonprofit agencies is access to federal contracting opportunities within the AbilityOne® Program, which is one of the largest sources of employment for people with disabilities in the United States.

In addition to federal contracting opportunities, there are several other key benefits to the network that nonprofit agencies are able to utilize:

  • The SourceAmerica Academy - a comprehensive training program that provides thousands of classes that can fill in the gaps of an organization’s own training system.
  • Access to grassroots advocacy collaborations that provide opportunities to connect with other nonprofit agencies, national policymakers, and other influential stakeholders.
  • Access to the SourceAmerica web-based hub which provides nonprofits access to key policy documents, organizational communications, and other critical tools to help nonprofit agencies do business with the federal government – and each other.

The SourceAmerica network is not a membership-based organization. Because of this important distinction, there is no cost to join the network.

Nonprofit agencies that find alignment between their organizational goals and the SourceAmerica network, and have interest in joining, go through an initial application process that establishes eligibility. In order to be considered for inclusion in the network, a nonprofit must be headquartered in the United States, its territories, or the District of Columbia. In addition, prospective organizations must have Articles of Incorporation and/or bylaws that include the primary purpose of serving individuals with disabilities and contain language that establishes the organization as a nonprofit agency. This means that no part of the organization’s net income may be earmarked for the benefit of any shareholder or other private individual. Eligible organizations must also have an established training program and provide employment services to people with disabilities.

Once Hedrich vets an application, and if the organization is deemed eligible, the nonprofit agency is approved to join the network. “The federal contracts available through the AbilityOne Program are often what causes an organization to join the SourceAmerica network. In most cases, the other major benefits like the SourceAmerica Academy and advocacy programs evolve into critical components for the nonprofit agencies.”

Lakisha Taylor is a program director with one of the newest SourceAmerica network affiliates, Easterseals West Georgia. Her experiences with using the online application process were very positive. “We very recently got involved with the SourceAmerica network during the last part of 2020. Darcy Hedrich helped us with any questions that we had with the process, and we are glad that we took the time and effort to do it,” she said. “We look forward to fully utilizing all of the benefits that the SourceAmerica network has to offer our organization.”

The SourceAmerica network is just a click away. If your organization is interested in learning more about joining the SourceAmerica network, please visit