Grassroots Self-Advocacy Training Registration

To emphasize the importance of year-round advocacy, we’re offering a specialized virtual training program for AbilityOne employees with disabilities, also known as self-advocates.

Each NPA is allowed up to register up to 3 self-advocates (AbilityOne employee with a disability) to participate in the self-advocate training program.

All sessions will take place from 3-5 p.m. ET.

  • Session 1: 7/25 - Introduction
  • Session 2: 8/15 - Talking About Your Disability
  • Session 3: 8/20 - Introduction to Advocacy
  • Session 4: 8/27 - Importance of Having a Job/Telling Your Story
  • Session 5: 9/4 - Building Relationships with Legislators/Preparing for the Grassroots Advocacy Conference

Self-Advocate 1 (AbilityOne Employee)

Self-Advocate 1

Self-Advocate 2 (AbilityOne Employee)

Self-Advocate 2

Self-Advocate 3 (AbilityOne Employee)

Self-Advocate 3

NPA Representative (Designated NPA staff member and point of contact representing the NPA for the Grassroots Conference)

NPA Representative