Grassroots Advocacy Conference FAQs


Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding SourceAmerica's Grassroots Advocacy Conference. Some of the FAQs address the NCSE Forum, which will also be taking place that week.

For more information, reach out to the Government Affairs team at

When is the 2023 SourceAmerica Grassroots Advocacy conference
Where will the conference take place?
Will the conference take place in person?
Does SourceAmerica pay for all the costs incurred during the conference?
If an NPA is selected, who will attend the Grassroots Conference?
Who is the point of contact for the 2023 conference?
When will conference registration open and close?
How many self-advocates should each NPA select?
What is the process for self-advocate selection?
What is the timeline for the self-advocate virtual trainings?
How will congressional meetings be held during the conference?

2023 East NCSE CEO/Senior Leadership Forum will be held in Washington, D.C. the same week as the Grassroots Conference.

For those NPAs that are attending both events, here are some frequently asked questions regarding the forum.

When is the 2023 East NCSE CEO/Senior Leadership Forum?
Where will it take place?
Who can attend the 2023 East NCSE CEO/Senior Leadership Forum?
Will the NCSE Forum be in person?
What is the cost of attending the NCSE Forum?
Who is the point of contact for the 2023 Forum?
When will Forum registration open?