SourceAmerica Mentor/Protégé Program

Get connected. Grow together.

SourceAmerica Mentor/Protégé Program
The SourceAmerica Mentor/Protégé Program invites prospective mentors and protégés to develop long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships and explore new contracting opportunities together. These partnerships aim to increase meaningful job options and create greater possibilities for people with disabilities, including support for veterans with disabilities, through the AbilityOne Program.

For protégés: Producing nonprofit agency protégés will have the opportunity to learn from the expertise of mentoring organizations and gain experience in new lines of business.

For mentors: Protégés will provide mentors with resources and best practices to help meet their diversity and inclusion goals and further corporate social responsibilities.

Federal Government: Through this program, mentor/protégé partnerships expand capabilities for the AbilityOne Program. Participating organizations can now increase disability employment opportunities while promoting high-priority lines of business. Successful collaborations between nonprofit agencies in the SourceAmerica network and government-based organizations drive business growth and help the workplace become more accessible and inclusive for all.

The program provides companies with federal contracting experience the opportunity to:

  • Support a federal contract for a longer duration without re-competition.
  • Expand into new markets.
  • Add to their supply chain by leveraging the protégé's network.

Additionally, the program benefits government agencies by:

  • Enhancing contract performance. An expert contractor experienced in a specific line of business acts as a subcontractor to support and mentor an AbilityOne-authorized nonprofit agency. Fostering long-term business relationships between established mentors and nonprofit agencies.
  • Supporting federal socioeconomic directives to employ more people with disabilities on federal contracts.

How It Works

  • Protégés and mentors formalize a partnership with a signed agreement and plan, defining the roles of both organizations.
  • SourceAmerica-approved partnerships may last up to 10 years (or potentially longer).
  • Protégés leverage the mentor’s past performance to be prime on a contract with the mentor supporting as the subcontractor.
  • Mentors and protégés will ultimately be able to pursue and bid on new AbilityOne and non-AbilityOne contracting opportunities together.

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