In 2016, SourceAmerica committed its resources to becoming the national disability employment leader. We enhanced our communications and sales efforts and successfully increased job opportunities in the commercial and government sales arenas.

If you want someone to do business with you, it’s imperative that they know who you are and what your organization stands for. This year’s launch of a newly designed website helped accomplish that by streamlining the user's experience and clearly defining how SourceAmerica serves the disability community, nonprofit agencies, federal clients and commercial interests.

Strategically targeted advertising campaigns and exponential audience growth on SourceAmerica’s social media platforms also elevated the organization’s public profile with the goal of successful business impact.

Our Sales team increased our visibility with the business community by strategic attendance at trade shows and an expansion of our commercial sales sector. We signed a two-year Recruitment Firm Master Services Agreement for Contingent Fee Searches with one of the world's top financial services contractors. We finished the first phase of a pilot kitting program for consumer packaging, and we won the opportunity to recycle all of the Department of Homeland Security’s electronics. At the close of fiscal year 2016, we had recycled 54 tons of DHS electronics. CyclePoint also expanded its contract base by winning an opportunity to be a vendor of choice to a national cooperative of school districts, municipalities, counties and other agencies.

Employment on the federal side of the house increased by 566 jobs; this was growth off the base. We added 35 new opportunities to the AbilityOne Program. We also brought on engineering and environmental services to our lines of business. Other highlights include a contract for administrative and contact center services at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, and a Federal Supply Schedule opportunity with the Veterans Affairs Laundry at St. Albans, New York.