SourceAmerica makes AbilityOne work for you.

We’re dedicated to streamlining every step of the procurement process. Efficiently navigating the AbilityOne® Program has become part of our DNA after more than 45 years as an authorized AbilityOne enterprise.

The central purpose of the AbilityOne Program is to meet the precise demands of contracting officers while increasing employment for people with disabilities. SourceAmerica® is here to further that objective.

Zero commitment necessary

Working within the AbilityOne Program.

Organizations ranging from the Department of Defense and civilian agencies to prime contractors and small businesses have worked successfully with SourceAmerica to subcontract through the AbilityOne Program. We streamline everything from establishing requirements to Procurement List additions, making the entire contracting process more reliable and easier to navigate.

How SourceAmerica partners with you.

  1. SourceAmerica will work with you to discuss specific mission requirements, budgets, and timelines, navigate demands, identify a solution, and document the AbilityOne solution in the acquisition strategy.
  2. We’ll connect you and the nonprofit agency that best matches your critical needs to review and refine the contract requirements, develop a customized solution, negotiate terms, and create a no-obligation price proposal.
  3. We’ll submit a Procurement List addition proposal to the U.S. AbilityOne Commission® which oversees the Program.
  4. The Commission reviews the proposal and makes a decision.
  5. The Commission notifies the contracting officer and the contract can begin after the 30-day final notice period expires.

Zero commitment necessary