Indiana: Disability Employment Statistics

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SourceAmerica/AbilityOne Network By the Numbers2

8 nonprofit agencies headquartered in Indiana participated in the program as SourceAmerica/AbilityOne Authorized Providers.


477 Individuals with Significant Disabilities Employed, including 21 Veterans


Average AbilityOne Employee Wage


$25.8 Million
Total AbilityOne Sales

1 Data from 2022 American Community Survey
2 Fiscal Year 2023 data proprietary to SourceAmerica®

SourceAmerica Nonprofit Agencies Headquartered in Indiana

  • Anthony Wayne Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
  • Crossroads Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
  • GW Commercial Services, Inc.
  • Knox County Association for Remarkable Citizens, Inc.
  • Orange Co. Rehabilitation and Development Services, Inc.
  • Rauch, Inc.
  • Shares, Inc.
  • TradeWinds Services, Inc.

Other Nonprofit Agencies with AbilityOne Contracts in Indiana

  • Ada S. McKinley Community Services