Arizona: Disability Employment Statistics

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Arizona By the Numbers

Population and Employment Statistics1

Working Age Population with a Disability (18-64): 449,863

  • Percentage that did not work by Disability Type
Cognitive 60.9%
Hearing 41.2%
Ambulatory 67.1%
Visual 46.5%





Percentage of working age people with disabilities that do not have jobs.

SourceAmerica/AbilityOne Network By the Numbers2

7 nonprofit agencies headquartered in Arizona participated in the program as SourceAmerica/AbilityOne Authorized Providers.


464 Individuals with Significant Disabilities Employed, including 30 Veterans


Average AbilityOne Employee Wage


$33.9 million
Total AbilityOne Sales

1 Data from 2019 American Community Survey
2 Fiscal Year 2022 data proprietary to SourceAmerica®

SourceAmerica Nonprofit Agencies Headquartered in Arizona

  • ACHIEVE Human Services, Inc.
  • Beacon Group, Inc.
  • Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona
  • J.P. Industries, Inc.
  • Premier Alliances, Inc.
  • Servtech
  • The Centers for Habilitation

Other Nonprofit Agencies with AbilityOne Contracts in Arizona

  • DePaul Industries
  • Enterprise Professional Services, Inc
  • Great Plains Enterprises, Inc.
  • Trace, Inc.