Built to protect, made to last

SourceAmerica has been making apparel and equipment for demanding clients throughout the world. We currently manufacture more than 500 different high quality products.

All of our products are made here in the U.S., and we offer both manufacturing and logistical solutions, in both large and small capacity jobs. If you need it designed, created, and delivered on time and on budget—SourceAmerica is the right choice for you.

“The ‘partnership’ between DLA and SourceAmerica...results in value to people with disabilities by providing them employment and training opportunities, the taxpayer by receiving the goods and services at fair market pricing; and the end user by providing them timely delivery of satisfactory quality goods and services.”

Scott J. Kromis, Contracting Officer, ECWCS Team Supervisor, DLA Troop Support, Clothing and Textiles Supply Chain Supplier Operations

You can rely on SourceAmerica for:

  • Uniforms
  • Activewear and outerwear
  • Casualwear
  • Fleece tops and sweatshirts
  • Base layers
  • Bags  
  • Hats and caps
  • Belts
  • Fire retardant items
  • Chemical protective suits
  • Extreme cold weather items
  • Component pouches
  • Insect net protection
  • American flags
  • Custom items

If you need it, we can make it

We possess diverse custom construction capabilities, including set-up for your small or limited run productions, design changes, and long-term product runs. If you have an idea, talk to us and we can make it happen. This includes:

  • Prototyping and development
  • Product design and adjusting
  • Complex garment construction
  • Expert capability in sewing wool and knitted materials
  • Silk screen printing, embroidering, and seam sealing
  • Special measurement and/or non-tariff sizes
  • Pattern development
  • Automated cutting systems and digitization
  • Small to limited run production cycles
  • Alternate manufacturing solutions

Uniforms—we make it easy for you to look good

SourceAmerica offers easy turnkey solutions to ensure the integrity of a uniform’s unique look, form, proper fit, and proportion. This includes:

  • Internal clothing design capabilities
  • Internal pattern-making and CAD/CAM expertise
  • Redesign of uniforms
  • Garment shipment tracking
  • Online ordering employee allowance and reporting system
  • Convenient return policy
  • Measuring charts

When the highest quality matters

Few manufacturers can match our standards. We have the capability to produce chemical protective suits with zero defects and 100% inspection throughout the process. That’s the SourceAmerica difference.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.


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