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Pathways to Careers offers people with significant disabilities guidance on the road to meaningful employment. Pathways empowers these individuals with the knowledge they need to find success in the workplace.


  • Identifies each intern’s skills and interests using an in-depth “discovery” process, supporting the selection of paid internships or customized self-employment
  • Exposes interns to a wide range of jobs and work settings through 8-12 week paid internships, providing experiential learning opportunities to participants
  • Creates a resource for employers to provide any necessary ongoing employment supports through reimbursement of the employer tax
  • Incentivizes employers to provide integrated community employment
  • Promotes informed employment decisions made by participants

Program benefits

The Program has many beneficiaries and many different perspectives. Learn more from our video series below:


The business model provides critical information for hiring decisions and meets real business and workforce requirements. It also creates a resource for employers to provide long-term accommodations and employment support.


An internship opportunity builds skills and identifies the work environment that maximizes employment potential. The process to arrive at these opportunities is critical and informative for job development.


Knowing that loved ones will be able to contribute fully in society and be more self-sufficient is empowering for families and well as the individual with a disability.

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