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SourceAmerica and Nonprofits: On a Mission Together

We support nonprofits so we can all put people with disabilities to work.

As a nonprofit agency, you are motivated to find meaningful jobs for people with disabilities. You work with these individuals every day, and you know what a talented, dedicated, and truly exceptional workforce they are. We share your mission and can support you in this valuable work.

Join SourceAmerica’s nationwide network to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Contract management assistance
  • Engineering and technical assistance
  • IT support
  • Legislative and regulatory assistance
  • Workforce development initiatives
  • Professional training

Our network is 750+ nonprofits strong.

SourceAmerica's Nationwide Network of Nonprofits

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When you join the SourceAmerica network, we will guide you in many aspects of your business. And you’ll have access to our stellar training materials, which will support your efforts as you seek to provide more employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Join the SourceAmerica network

Joining the SourceAmerica network provides access to resources and support for employment of people with significant disabilities.

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Nonprofit resources

SourceAmerica provides documentation and tools to support nonprofit agencies.

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