Statement on CNN Story

By SourceAmerica 01/21/2016

VIENNA, VA - On Jan. 21, CNN aired a segment referencing SourceAmerica.

We continue to stand fully behind our prior statements that the allegations being made against SourceAmerica in recent media stories are simply without merit. These allegations are the same that were made against SourceAmerica last year and are being made by the same disgruntled nonprofits and individuals. A recent court decision rejected similar accusations in a separate lawsuit, and SourceAmerica is continuing to vigorously defend itself against these unfounded allegations.

Tape recordings of a conversation between Jean M. Robinson, SourceAmerica's former General Counsel, and Ruben Lopez, CEO/Executive Director of Bona Fide Conglomerate, Inc., one of the disgruntled nonprofits currently involved in litigation against SourceAmerica, are factually inaccurate and untrue. Since select quotes from these tapes were first raised in meritless litigation against SourceAmerica brought by one of the nonprofit agencies behind the current smear campaign, we have worked hard to set the record straight by providing the facts and pointing out that the allegations are false, unsupported by facts, and uncorroborated.

SourceAmerica has conducted its business with the utmost integrity and complies with all federal and state requirements, including those related to the administration of the AbilityOne Program.