SourceAmerica Hosts National Training and Achievement Conference

By SourceAmerica 05/11/2015

VIENNA, Va. – May 11, 2015 - With a singular focus on connecting tens of thousands of Americans with disabilities and meaningful work, SourceAmerica hosted its annual conference this week in Hollywood, Fla. The training and achievement conference brings together nonprofit organizations from across the country, representatives from the AbilityOne® Program and its own team members to share experiences, learn, and set goals for increasing the number of people with disabilities who are part of the American workforce.

SourceAmerica accomplishes this mission through a variety of programs, including the AbilityOne® Program, a federal initiative to help people who are blind or have significant disabilities find employment. Attendees included nonprofit agencies, government customers, SourceAmerica board of directors, members of the National Council of SourceAmerca Employers, U.S. AbilityOne Commission®, and others.

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This year's conference theme was "Better Together," focusing on the importance of collaboration to spur measurable change. Steve Soroka, CEO, SourceAmerica said, "This year's theme highlighted that through collaboration and self-improvement, we can become more innovative and creative to help provide more jobs for people with disabilities. We have a lofty mission here at SourceAmerica and we wouldn't be able to accomplish it without the partnership with our nonprofit and federal colleagues, and without the ability to come together and share best practices that will fundamentally impact change."

The conference included training sessions on a variety of important topics, such as:

  • During the plenary session, leaders from corporate America discussed increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities
  • The implementation of the President's Executive Order on the minimum wage for new service contracts and SourceAmerica's strategic plan
  • Meeting Federal customer expectations during a time when budgetary constraints impact more purchasing decisions than ever before

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The 2016 SourceAmerica National Training and Achievement Conference will be held in Washington DC.