SourceAmerica Announces Business Partnership Award Winners

By SourceAmerica 04/05/2016

Vienna, Va. -- While many organizations embrace diverse hiring practices, few stand out in their efforts to employ an underrepresented talent pool in today's workforce: people with disabilities. Each year, SourceAmerica, a federally-established nonprofit agency, recognizes businesses that go above and beyond in support of its mission―to create jobs for people with disabilities―through inclusive employment strategies. Mariano's Fresh Market, a retail grocery chain located throughout Illinois, was named SourceAmerica's Commercial Business Partnership Award winner, and DealerDOCX, a cloud-based document management supplier based in Rochester, New York, was named its Small Business Partnership Award winner.

Mariano's deep commitment to community is rooted in its operational philosophy. The retailer partnered with JVS Chicago, a nonprofit agency that staffs and trains people with disabilities, to employ 50 people with disabilities in Mariano's stores. In addition to offering scheduling flexibility, Mariano's staff works with JVS job coaches to mentor its employees with disabilities when a JVS coach cannot be present.

"Mariano's gives people with disabilities a chance to work while creating an environment that's nourishing and welcoming," said Leah Rudy, JVS Chicago supervisor of client services. "Management has been phenomenal in embracing these employees and making sure they are part of the team."

"Mariano's is humbled to receive this award," said Christa Bertolini, Mariano's talent acquisition manager. "Each time Mariano's opens a new store we work with JVS to staff positions for people with disabilities, and we will continue to do so in the future."

DealerDOCX partnered with Vocational Guidance Services, Inc., a nonprofit agency based in Cleveland, to staff 50 people with disabilities at a local DealerDOCX site.

"The partnership with DealerDOCX has helped VGS provide more skills training and employment to individuals with significant disabilities, who without this type of opportunity might otherwise remain on the employment sideline," said Joe Carroll, VGS.

The company's commitment to these types of partnerships is a core component of its mission, which is not only to grow their business but to give back to the communities it serves. It is currently working with nonprofits like VGS in five states to provide jobs and training to 175 people with disabilities.

"We're honored to win this award," said Mark Brower, managing partner at DealerDOCX. "There's deep pride that people with disabilities take in their work, and we enjoy giving back and being part of their success story."

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