Oscars Gift Bags Shine Spotlight on Potential of People with Disabilities

By SourceAmerica 02/26/2018

Blush & Whimsy and SourceAmerica Unite in Socially-Conscious Partnership

LOS ANGELES – "The Shape of Water," which is up for 13 Oscars at the March 4 Academy Awards, puts a protagonist with a disability on center stage. Behind the scenes, people with disabilities are contributing to the celebrated awards ceremony. This year's award gift bags include lipsticks from Blush & Whimsy, which partners with SourceAmerica network member Adelante Development Center to get its all-natural, cruelty-free product to consumers.

SourceAmerica is a national leader in creating employment opportunities and choices for people with disabilities. Adelante is one of its more than 800 nonprofit agencies across the country employing a workforce that is often overlooked. SourceAmerica network agencies offer manufacturing, maintenance services, packaging, staffing, call centers, warehousing, reverse logistics and more to support the needs of federal and commercial clients.

"Our vision is to create an Inclusion Economy™, one in which our talents and differences are celebrated," said SourceAmerica President and CEO Steve Soroka. "An estimated 80 percent of people with disabilities are currently left out of the workforce, and companies like Blush & Whimsy are working to change that."

Micaela Brown, founder of Blush & Whimsy, combines business savvy with a strong social conscience. Her father is a disabled veteran, so she understands not just the challenges people with disabilities face finding meaningful work, but also their potential. Adelante embodies her commitment to supporting her local community and empowering people with disabilities. For her exacting standards for packaging and product presentation, Adelante's employees offer a level of customer service and customization other companies couldn't compete with, she said.

"You can find partnerships like this across the country," she said. "They've really become a foundation of my business. Their mission aligns so closely to mine, it made perfect sense to partner with a nonprofit that takes care of its employees and really works hard to empower the individual. That's exactly what I'm trying to do with Blush & Whimsy."

Adelante provides order processing, fulfillment, quality control, hand-packaging, warehousing and shipping for the cosmetic startup. The Blush & Whimsy lipsticks are clear with gold flecks and real flowers inside. Once applied, the lipstick changes color based on whoever's wearing them. The product was included in this year's Grammy gift bag and will be part of the Emmy Awards gifts as well. Each gift bag and every consumer purchase includes a thank you card describing the partnership between Adelante and Blush & Whimsy.

"Empowering people to be themselves—that needs to be what we celebrate," Brown said. "We are all important, we are all valued. That's my message. To have Adelante embody that, it just gives me goose bumps every single day. There is no better fit for my company and what we're trying to achieve."

For more information, visit www.sourceamerica.org , www.blushwhimsy.com or www.adelanteenterprises.com.