NDEAM Recognizes Contributions of #PWD in the Workplace

By SourceAmerica 10/03/2016

Vienna, VA –  In celebration of a National Disability Employment Awareness Month, SourceAmerica is recognizing the contributions of people with disabilities throughout the month of October. Through a series of videos  of eight different men and women, SourceAmerica is sharing their stories as examples of this year’s theme for NDEAM, #InclusionWorks.

Connie McClendon was medically retired from the National Guard. She had a daughter in high school and a newborn son when her career of almost 20 years of service ended. Soon she also had an eviction notice. Russell Swiecki, a Gulf War veteran, was living on the streets with a then undiagnosed disability that prevented him from holding down a job. Kevin Raysor thought his learning disability would limit his career choices to dead-end jobs. Nancy Scott was injured on the job, lost that job then struggled to find a new one. All of them found employment through SourceAmerica member nonprofits.

Curtis Wegener wants people to realize his disability is rooted in ability. Benjamin Nielson wants the security of a steady paycheck, benefits and the ability to save for retirement as well as the dignity of being treated just like anyone else. Annette Coleman has worked for the same company for almost 20 years; through that job, she’s learned to speak up for herself and others with dis abilities. Pamela Cox started off as a custodian, but over the course of 10 years she’s moved up to become a manager working on her master’s degree.

Through the SourceAmerica network of nonprofits, these men and women found productive work, paychecks and pride in a working environment that encourages them to progress and thrive. They’re proof that #InclusionWorks, said SourceAmerica CEO Steve Soroka.

“The people who are employed by our network of nonprofits are inspiring, hard-working, valuable members of the workforce,” Soroka said. “We’re proud to share their stories as part of NDEAM and  convey the importance and far-reaching impact of our mission.”