Ellis Rosenberg Joins SourceAmerica to Spur Growth, Mission Impact

By SourceAmerica 07/06/2018


VIENNA, VIRGINIA – In keeping with its commitment to creating employment opportunities and choices for people with disabilities through innovation, SourceAmerica is pleased to announce Ellis Rosenberg as senior vice president for its new Growth organization.

Rosenberg’s new role builds on his career in industries that include technology services, mobility and healthcare. He’s now leading more than 60 employees in sales, marketing and communications dedicated to building connections and breaking down barriers to employment for people with disabilities.

Rosenberg’s expertise in enterprise strategy and developing national partnerships will expand the impact of the organization’s mission by capitalizing on opportunities that benefit federal customers, businesses, members of the SourceAmerica nonprofit network and the people those agencies employ.

“I love to grow businesses,” Rosenberg said. “At SourceAmerica, we create not only social but also economic impact. We’re marketing America’s largest and most diverse talent demographic – an estimated 24 million people with disabilities. The Growth team is taking our mission to a new level.”

The Growth team is expanding the federal customer base while continuing to provide exceptional service to its federal customers, Rosenberg said.

“It’s exciting to be a part of this – we’re changing lives and strengthening the economy,” Rosenberg said. “We’re about more than just social impact – the jobs we create provide real value to our customers as well as the people who perform them.”

Chief Operating Office Steven Krotonsky said the new Growth organization reflects the vision of the SourceAmerica Board of Directors to extend its reach within and beyond its well-established customer base.

“With Ellis’ leadership, we’re making new inroads in the private sector and expanding the mission,” Krotonsky said. “He understands nonprofits, he understands for-profits and he understands how to get the very best from his team. We’re very excited and proud to have him join our ranks.”

As the father of a son with a disability, Rosenberg has leveraged his advocacy experience to help businesses address unmet marketplace need for people of all capabilities.

“At SourceAmerica we believe strongly that people with disabilities deserve self-worth, self-esteem, independence and the dignity of work,” he said. “It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of an organization that helps deliver that.”