Seven Ways SourceAmerica Supports Our Nation’s Military

By SourceAmerica Staff 07/25/2022
Seven Ways SourceAmerica Supports Our Nation’s Military

The members of our nation’s military and their families have always made huge sacrifices to protect our country. These dedicated individuals do more than fight; they provide relief after natural disasters, aid in rescue operations, keep embassies secure, deliver medical assistance to areas in need, and much more.

SourceAmerica® is proud to support our military service members and their families. Here are seven ways we’re doing just that:

  1. Providing meaningful employment. SourceAmerica and its network of nearly 700 nonprofit agencies support thousands of service members nationwide through the AbilityOne® Program, one of the nation’s largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities. These employees perform a variety of tasks including laundry, food service, custodial duties, and working in call centers.
  2. Designing Medical Supplies. Our nationwide network and its dedicated workforce design medical products with the highest level of technical precision and provide medical supplies to the U.S. military. Through the talents of people with disabilities, we customize our products to help the military save lives when there’s no margin for error.
  3. Amplifying Veteran Voices. SourceAmerica provides AbilityOne Program employee speakers for meetings, conferences, and special events. Many are veterans who exemplify the talent and achievements of people with disabilities, both in and out of the workplace. These speaking engagements allow veterans to talk about their transition from military to civilian employment, including the challenges they faced. Learn more by checking out the SourceAmerica Speakers Bureau webpage or email
  4. Manufacturing Uniforms. AbilityOne employees working through nonprofits in the SourceAmerica network manufacture the highest quality uniforms and protective clothing for our military service members. The list of products includes uniform dress clothing, extreme cold weather clothing, flame-resistant personal protective equipment, chemical and biological personal protective equipment and accessories including duffels, pouches, pockets, vests, caps, and hats.
  5. Providing Food Products and Services. Having access to fresh and healthy food is vital in keeping our service members strong and ready. SourceAmerica is proud to provide both food products and services at military installations nationwide.
  6. Supporting our Veterans. A true way to show appreciation for members of our military is to make sure they have the support they need when they decide to leave the service. SourceAmerica helps veterans transfer their military skills to other fields as they make the transition to civilian life. If you’re a veteran looking to be connected to potential employers, resources, and opportunities in your area, check out our Veterans Program or contact us at
  7. Linking Veterans to Jobs. We recently launched the SourceAmerica job board for nonprofit agencies in our network to hire people with disabilities – including veterans! This tool connects job seekers to open positions across the country with employers who are committed to hiring people with disabilities. Visit to explore all that this resource has to offer.

To learn more about SourceAmerica and our nationwide network, email