Reaching a lifelong dream through the AbilityOne Program

By Tatiana Peralta 12/14/2021
Reaching a lifelong dream through the AbilityOne Program

Mentorship, career development, and long-standing friendships are just some of the things that Jason Dale has received through his 25-year employment with SourceAmerica® network nonprofit agency The Arc Caddo-Bossier (Frost Industries). 

Jason joined the organization in hopes of maintaining a job that would allow him to reach his dream of purchasing his own vehicle. Throughout this time, Jason’s path at Frost Industries led him to work at the Barksdale Air Force base in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. Every day of hard work and dedication inched Jason closer and closer to his ultimate goal. 

“When Jason joined the organization at 19, I worked alongside him, and over time we became brothers,” said Demetrio Botello, Director of Employment Services at Frost Industries. “He’s doing really well and learning everything he can. He first bought a Chevrolet Silverado in blue and now has a different car. A meaningful job for Jason turned into a dream come true.” 

Jason works at the Air Force Base through the AbilityOne® Program, one of the largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities. As part of his job, he is responsible for processing and delivering official business mail across more than 35 buildings on base. During his career, Jason has become a resource for new employees, always teaching them where to go, who to reach out to for specific tasks, and how to properly classify mail. Most of all, Jason really enjoys the “family” he has made on base.  

“I love it out here,” said Jason. “I love my coworkers and my boss. I really do plan on retiring here. The people here know and love me. When I go through to deliver the mail for the service members, they speak to me and always know my name. Some people have become family.” 

The support of the people around him, combined with his skill sets, have helped Jason succeed at even the most difficult tasks. The sheer magnitude of the Air Force Base where Jason works often means that he has to properly label and organize hundreds of pieces of mail prior to distribution. This is a meticulous task that requires an incredible amount of focus. Jason’s outstanding attention to detail has ensured he excels at this vital part of his job. 

As a federal employee, Jason must renew his security clearance every five years, take aptitude tests, and keep up with the requirements needed to operate the mail delivery vehicles on base. Impressively, this has never been a challenge for Jason, and he has always passed every test with flying colors.  

Through Frost Industries and the AbilityOne Program, he has not only succeeded in his career but continued to flourish every step of the way. Jason looks forward to continuing his career, maintaining his independence, and achieving more dreams.  

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