Q&A with Tiffany Ford, Recruiting and Engagement Partner

By Adina Young 04/07/2022
2022 Q&A with Tiffany Ford, Recruiting and Engagement Partner


One of our values at SourceAmerica is inclusion, which values people for their differing abilities, backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and perspectives. As part of Tiffany Ford’s role as a recruiting and engagement partner on the Human Resources team, she seeks further opportunities to create and nurture a workplace that prides itself on diversity and inclusivity.

She believes that varying perspectives make an organization that much greater! Let’s see what else she had to say about the impact of having an inclusive work environment and what inclusion means to her:

  1. Explain your new role at SourceAmerica and how you hope to have an impact?

    My new role at SourceAmerica is a Recruiting and Engagement Partner with Human Resources. Part of my role is to locate experts to become a part of the SourceAmerica family. I will also engage with candidates and hiring managers through the sourcing, interviewing, and the selection process. I will ensure that SourceAmerica is delivering training programs for staff that encourage professional development, enrich the work lives of employees, and build a culture of inclusivity.

  2. What does inclusion, one of our values, mean to you?

    This means that everyone is counted, their voices are being heard, and their values are respected, and everyone can be their true self. We send out engagement surveys, for instance, so that everyone has the opportunity to express how they feel, and we can see where we can make the improvements necessary to keep inclusion and our other values at the forefront.

  3. How are you “A Force for Inclusion?”

    I will constantly revisit the values of our company and focus on growth. No matter if I’m at home or at work I make sure I get everyone’s opinion before making big changes in everyone’s lives. I seek to get feedback in the work that I do because change affects everyone. These varying perspectives can help us make the right decisions and set us all up for success.

  4. How do you encourage others to be a force for your values?

    I encourage others by expressing their values and life experiences, so that everyone will have a better understanding of on another. I know that I am my values without them I would be nothing.