Q&A with Susan Ryan, Mary Simpson Award for Customer Service Winner

By Adina Young 02/08/2022
Q&A with Susan Ryan

Susan tells us why she is a force for passion

The Mary Simpson Award for Customer Service recognizes a SourceAmerica team member who creates a workforce culture that delivers a consistently positive customer experience. This award was named after Mary Simpson, who worked for SourceAmerica for over 20 years and was always focused on supporting her customer.

Susan Ryan has only been at SourceAmerica for 1 ½ years has already made huge strides! Because of that, she received this award in December 2021. She has received numerous compliments from SourceAmerica staff, as well as our NPA and government customers, for her tenacious work ethic, the accuracy and timeliness of her work, and her positive attitude. She makes an impact on every customer she works with!

We got a chance to chat with Susan about her PASSION for helping customers. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. What does receiving this award from your peers mean to you?
    It was such an honor to win this award. I strive to provide everyone with whom I work with excellent customer service, so this was an encouragement and validation that I’m doing the right things.
  2. What does passion, one of our values, mean to you?
    Passion is a strong desire that carries with it determination and conviction. At SourceAmerica, it is an intense desire to see our mission work. One of my convictions is that everyone has dignity. Having meaningful employment helps people recognize their significance, purpose and dignity. Having passion at SourceAmerica means being determined to work every day to help people with disabilities have meaningful work.
  3. How are you A Force for Passion?
    I tried for quite a while to get a job with SourceAmerica because I knew what a great company it is, and I wanted to help people. I have a 28-year-old son with Down Syndrome so helping people with disabilities to have employment is something very close to my heart. I strive to keep my eye on the mission so that when the everyday tasks seem tedious or frustrating, I can remember what we are here for and how my tasks fit into my passion for the mission.
  4. How do you encourage others to be a force?
    As a former teacher, I recognize that people learn differently and are motivated differently. I try to relate things in a way that connects with and is meaningful to them and ignites a passion in them to be a force.