Meet William R. Forseth

By Tatiana Peralta 05/27/2021
Meet William R. Forseth

“I hope that my story inspires other organizations to give people like me a chance to succeed in the workplace." - William

While it’s true that not many people stay at their workplace for a long period of time, one individual at PRIDE Industries is proving that statement wrong. So far, William R. Forseth has worked with the organization for over a decade with no signs of stopping any time soon. This is an impressive accomplishment, all due to the support and recognition he receives from his organization, one of approximately 700 nonprofit agencies in the SourceAmerica® network. 

William works for PRIDE Industries at the United States Coast Guard Air Station in Sacramento, California. He is employed through the AbilityOne® Program, one of the largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities. During the week, William ensures the restrooms, locker rooms, baseboards, and floors at the USCGAS are clean and in tip-top-shape for the men and women that serve our nation. The honor of supporting the military fuels William’s commitment to his job.  

“When I think of William, I always think about how dedicated, committed, and reliable he is,” said Tameka Rich, Human Resources Representative at PRIDE Industries. “He is open to allowing other team members and me support him in his daily tasks, which in turn helps him achieve long-term success. William is an open and honest person with a strong work ethic, and I truly enjoy having him on this team.” 

William is thankful for the opportunities he has found through the AbilityOne Program. “PRIDE Industries and the Program have provided me a good job, shown me respect, and given me the confidence to do the job well,” he said. 

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