Four Fundamentals for Disability Employment

By Karen Stecher 01/11/2022
Four Fundamentals for Disability Employment

As a leading job creator for people with disabilities, SourceAmerica® knows firsthand how this underserved – yet highly capable – segment of the workforce has a lot to offer employers. Perhaps more than any other group, people with disabilities know how to think outside the box to solve problems and complete tasks and show extraordinary commitment to overcoming challenges. 

So, what do employers need to offer if they want to tap into this essential segment of the workforce? Here are four things that are fundamental to creating a workplace that helps people with disabilities thrive! 

  1. Recruitment and retention – The first step to maximizing the value of people with disabilities in the workplace is hiring and keeping them! That means finding ways to tap into the disability community when recruiting for jobs and then creating a workplace environment that encourages to them to stick around. The U.S. Department of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy has some great online recruitment and retention resources that can help.
  2. Accessibility – Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act more than 20 years ago, many employers have realized the importance of the basics of accessibility – parking spaces close to the worksite entrance, access ramps, wheelchair-friendly restrooms, and more. But accessibility can – and should – go beyond those basics! Helping find ways to make on-the-job tasks more accessible for people of all abilities is crucial for a truly inclusive workplace. SourceAmerica’s Productivity Engineering team provides comprehensive engineering expertise with a focus on increasing employment choice for people with disabilities and improving the sustainability of our nonprofit network. Check out one of their recent success stories
  3. Diversity and inclusion – A diverse and inclusive workplace makes everyone – regardless of who they are and their role in the business – feel equally involved and supported. SourceAmerica’s Workforce Inclusion Consulting Services offers free 20-minute consultations to organizations that want more information on disability employment, accessibility, documentation, training, and inclusion. These customized services connect employers to resources that will aid them in building an inclusive workforce.
  4. Upward mobility – It’s crucial for all employees – including those with disabilities – to “climb the ladder” and advance their skills, position, and responsibility. Not all jobs provide employees with upward mobility opportunities, so finding ways to help team members grow will help a business or organization stand out from its competitors. SourceAmerica offers a wide array of professional development training to its 700-member nonprofit agency network and their employees with disabilities to support skill building and increased career opportunities.

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