Four Facts Celebrating Military Appreciation Month

By Karen Stecher 05/01/2023
Four Facts Celebrating Military Appreciation Month

May is National Military Appreciation Month, and we are honored to share these four fascinating facts about SourceAmerica, its nonprofit network, and the people with disabilities who have a proud history of supporting our nation’s military.

  1. The military has a massive support operation behind it that includes people with disabilities.
    SourceAmerica and its network of more than 575 nonprofit agencies support thousands of service members nationwide through the AbilityOne® Program, one of the nation’s largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities. These employees perform a variety of jobs, including laundry service, food service, custodial duties, and working in call centers.
  2. AbilityOne employees help members of the military step out in style.
    SourceAmerica network nonprofits were selected to provide the Army Green Service Uniform because of their expertise in manufacturing uniforms and capacity to provide expert kitting and shipping plans. “I love the military and that I’m doing it for them,” said one AbilityOne employee who works on the uniform project. “I can’t get on the field and fight for them, but I can sure make their uniform.”
  3. Veterans are among the employees supporting active-duty service members.
    Around 2,100 U.S. veterans with disabilities support AbilityOne Program contracts across the SourceAmerica network, and our network employs over 5,000 veterans total - many of whom support currently active troops! The SourceAmerica Veterans Program connects former service members to a national network of nonprofits that have the resources to provide military-to-civilian employment transition assistance, job training, career counseling, and more.
  4. The SourceAmerica network has more than 1,700 contracts supporting the Department of Defense.
    Those contracts represent a combination of products and services provided to our nation’s military, and the oldest contract dates back to 1976. In fact, SourceAmerica’s network has supported each branch of the military and currently provides services in 52 states and territories.

SourceAmerica honors our military service members and their families. If you’re a veteran looking to be connected to potential employers, resources, and opportunities in your area, check out our Veterans Program or contact us at