Elevating Workplace Equity Through Diversity and Inclusion

By Beth Lacourse 10/18/2022
Elevating Workplace Equity Through Diversity and Inclusion

SourceAmerica joins the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month. In alignment with the 2022 NDEAM theme – “Disability: Part of the Equity Equation” – our Diversity and Inclusion Council explores how to design more equitable workplace experiences for all employees in October and all year long.

SourceAmerica Diversity and Inclusion Council Chair Jennifer McClure joined the Council in 2020 and became Chair in 2022. She advocates for equitable treatment of all employees. Jennifer believes that while disability is an essential part of the equity equation, it is only a piece of the puzzle. “People with disabilities lead full, rich, multi-faceted lives, and we need to look beyond their disabilities to ensure all other aspects of our employees’ diverse needs are being met as well.” She explains that the Council is committed to ensuring equitable access to resources for everyone so that all employees can be their best selves in the workplace.

“To be truly diverse and inclusive and encourage people to bring their full identity to work, we need to accept them wholistically,” Jennifer shares. To support this philosophy and further educate the SourceAmerica team, the Council provides information and opportunities to discuss a wide variety of diversity and inclusion-related subjects through its monthly newsletter and relevant activities, including a “Grow Your Perspectives” book club and roundtable discussions on topics ranging from mental health to LGBTQ awareness to the Women’s Suffrage movement. Through these initiatives, the Council aims to provide a greater understanding of people with disabilities and all diversity factors and create an increasing climate of inclusion across the organization.

Beyond our doors, Jennifer is grateful for the opportunity to represent the Diversity and Inclusion Council at industry trade shows – where she’s excited to connect with nonprofit organizations in our network and extend the reach of the Council’s work. As a member of SourceAmerica’s Quality Work Environment team, Jennifer knows the importance of documenting, measuring, and sharing successes for ongoing growth. With this in mind, she compiled publicly accessible guidelines in the QWE database detailing the procedural operations of our Diversity and Inclusion Council, its newsletter, and book club. By continually learning and communicating, Jennifer and the Council aim to drive the diversity and inclusion movement forward for employees within SourceAmerica and its network.

During NDEAM in October and throughout the year, at SourceAmerica, we’re committed to hearing every voice. We embrace fairness and diversity (in all its forms), and together we strive toward building a stronger, more inclusive culture – to elevate workplace equity and improve employment opportunities for all.

Are you interested in developing a Diversity and Inclusion Council within your organization? We created some best-practice guidelines for reference. Contact the Council at Diversity@SourceAmerica.org with questions.