Decorated athlete succeeds within the AbilityOne Program

By Tatiana Peralta 10/19/2021
Celebrating American Sign Language Day with an AbilityOne rock star!

SourceAmerica® is celebrating National Disability Employment Month! As part of this recognition, we are shining a spotlight on the nonprofit agencies in the SourceAmerica network and the people with disabilities they employ. 

Whether she’s standing on the Special Olympics podium, sitting in the Special Olympics board room, or supporting the U.S. Army on the job, Krystal Johnson is known for being a leader. 

Krystal Johnson
Krystal Johnson

At the start of her career journey, Krystal always dreamed of having a job that would allow her to be financially independent. She found that opportunity through the AbilityOne® Program, one of the largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities. Krystal works as part of a janitorial crew through SourceAmerica network nonprofit agency Fontana Resources at Work at the U.S. Army Reserve in Upland, California.  

Krystal is responsible for ensuring various parts of the facility are constantly clean and that specific items are stocked and available for service members. She always goes the extra mile both in and out of her job. “For me it’s not just about doing my job, it’s about making sure I am doing it right,” she said. “Going above and beyond means paying special focus to things like doorknobs which everyone is touching so no one gets sick.” 

A day in Krystal’s life requires a high-level concentration and focus. Every Monday through Friday, she prides herself in ensuring that all chemicals and supplies are accounted for at the end of the day. Another key part of her day is helping others along the way and leading by example.  

“Krystal is very friendly, and everyone here loves her,” said Krystal’s supervisor, Maria Canizales. “Everyone is proud of Krystal. She doesn’t ever give up. She will always strive until her goal is complete, and from there she will make a new goal and continue. She learns from us, and simultaneously we learn from her. She is always ready to work and has a very positive attitude.”  

While she’s successful at work, Krystal is an ace off the clock as well. She is an international athlete for the Special Olympics, playing a variety of sports including track and field, floor hockey, bowling, gymnastics, tennis, and volleyball. In 2019, Krystal played tennis on the international stage in Abu Dhabi where she won two bronze medals. She takes pride in this achievement and was recognized by the Special Olympics with a video about her time on the court. 

Krystal playing Tennis at the special Olympics
Krystal playing Tennis at the special Olympics.

Krystal is also a global messenger for the Special Olympics, speaking at events all over the world and advocating for people with disabilities. She is also a member of the organization’s Board of Directors. Krystal is set on being a leader, advocate, and fighter for the rights of people with disabilities.  

Looking for new ways to grow is a passion of Krystal’s. She loves her job and hopes that in the future she can advance and take on even more responsibility. Krystal truly believes that people with disabilities have the capabilities to do things the right way and should have the opportunity to work.  

Both on and off the court, Krystal continues to serve as a role model and an example of the talents that they can bring to the workplace and the world. 

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