Creating a recipe for upward mobility at Goodwill Services, Inc.

By Tatiana Peralta 03/05/2021
Creating a recipe for upward mobility at Goodwill Services, Inc.

Promoting individuals is a sign of success for any organization. A consistent record of upward mobility shows a commitment to employees and their future endeavors. For people with disabilities, promotions often mean more opportunities to showcase their skills, earn a higher income, and gain new experiences.

As part of the SourceAmerica® network of approximately 700 nonprofit agencies, Goodwill Services, Inc. (Richmond) is often touted by federal customers for its business practices to both employ and promote people with disabilities.

Over 100 of these workers are employed through Goodwill Services, Inc. as part of the AbilityOne® Program, one of the largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities across the United States. These highly skilled individuals operate warehouse functions and manage inventory for the U.S. Navy, support janitorial operations for the General Services Administration, purchase supplies for the Defense Logistics Agency, and provide mailroom services for the Internal Revenue Service. As a key ingredient for successful upward mobility, the agency places people with disabilities into roles that maximize their skills so they can move through the ranks into lead roles.

Justin C. Cribb works within a Department of Defense contract at a warehouse in South Carolina. Since being hired by Goodwill Services, Inc. in 2016, Justin has already been promoted three times. Today, he is a Supply Technician, leading the receiving function at the warehouse.

“I’m beyond thankful that Goodwill gave me an opportunity to be a part of this great company,” said Cribb. “To serve the federal government and the Department of Defense in the Charleston, South Carolina area is truly an honor for me.”

Cribb is just one of the many employees that Goodwill Services, Inc. has successfully promoted. In fact, the organization’s leadership team is filled with pride when staff members move on to jobs directly within the federal government.

The path to upward mobility

Goodwill Services, Inc. is always looking for new ways to support and train employees. At its headquarters, the organization operates a janitorial services unit where people with disabilities receive specialized training while their clearance is being processed. Long before they set foot on their permanent worksite, employees are equipped with all the right tools. This program is part of the Begin@Home Goodwill workforce development initiative which is focused on the long-term career of the organizations associates.

Another important ingredient to success is taking advantage of programs that other organizations offer. In the past few years, Goodwill Services, Inc. has received laptops from SourceAmerica that are used by AbilityOne employees to access trainings from the SourceAmerica academy.

Goodwill Services, Inc. ability to combine all their various ingredients leads to upward mobility, which benefits people with disabilities, customers, and the community. Like any employee, when people with disabilities are provided with the right tools and support, they can shine in the workplace. The agency’s strategy is a true testament to the abilities of these individuals.

Meet FJ McDougald

FJ McDougald is a project manager at the Defense Logistics Agency. She has worked for Goodwill Services, Inc. for over nine years, earning four promotions during that time. McDougald credits her success to perseverance, a positive attitude, and her desire to help others fulfill their goals.

“While working for Goodwill Services, I have learned that if you have a desire and passion to help others, they will provide you with the tools you need to make your mission become a reality,” said McDougald. “My aspirations for my current role are to always continue to strive to work within Goodwill’s core values, and that my leadership upholds and represents integrity, commitment, innovation, respect, learning, and teamwork in all that I do.”

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