A career filled with smiles

By Tatiana Peralta 03/31/2021
A career filled with smiles

Regenia Tuggle’s motto during her over 37-year career with Nobis Enterprises was to take pride in her work, always be happy, and keep on smiling. This inspired her, and others around her, to succeed.

Tuggle started work with Nobis Enterprises in 1982 at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base through the AbilityOne® Program, one of the largest sources of employment for people who are blind or have significant disabilities. It didn’t take long before she became a highly skilled and valuable member of the Nobis and Dobbins team as part of the janitorial unit. Her supervisors knew that no matter what task she was asked to complete, Tuggle would get it done without hesitation and with a smile on her face. Her high-spirit and positive attitude were just some of the reasons Tuggle was given the nickname “smiley” by her supervisor, Carala Middleton, and it caught on quickly.

For more than three decades, Tuggle thrived in her job as a result of the support she received from Nobis Enterprises, one of approximately 700 nonprofit agencies within the SourceAmerica® network. The organization empowered and equipped Tuggle with the right tools to excel in her profession. In 2020, Tuggle retired to spend more time with her family and chase after her hobbies, but she still looks back fondly on her time with Nobis.

Tuggle always enjoyed the sense of purpose that came with her job, it is why she always took a customer service approach to every task she was assigned. She looked forward to cleaning on base, helping those around her, and interacting with everyone she met. Those interactions are one of the things she misses the most now.

Her infectious attitude is remembered by the many people Tuggle interacted with every day. The CCT flex bus drivers who took Tuggle home every day still make it a point to honk when passing by her home, and her co-workers have made sure to stay in touch. Tuggle is grateful for the friendships she made throughout her career.

“Nobis Enterprises and the AbilityOne Program are part of the reason I was able to provide for myself with pride, become more outgoing, and take charge of my life,” said Tuggle.

Although Tuggle has no plans to return to the workforce, she wants the world to know that if people with disabilities were given a similar chance, they too would be able to depend on and take care of themselves.

“Regenia is one of the countless people with disabilities that have exceptional talent, skills and creativity to offer,” said Dave Ward, President & CEO at Tommy Nobis Center. “All she needed was an opportunity.”

Today, Tuggle is focused on enjoying her favorite hobbies, which include planting flowers, working on puzzles, watching TV, fishing, and being in the sun whenever possible.

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