Building Connections through SourceAmerica's Nonprofit Locator Tool

By SourceAmerica Staff 09/06/2022
A simple solution for building connection

Many nonprofit agencies play a unique and valuable role in American society. They are created to further a social cause and invest in and improve their communities. SourceAmerica's national network of nonprofit agencies does just that. Every day, they employ people with disabilities who often face challenges finding a job. They are a key component in SourceAmerica's mission to expand opportunities for meaningful employment for people with disabilities. Inclusion makes a better workforce for all, and to learn more about how these nonprofits help make that happen in your community, you can use the nonprofit locator tool on the SourceAmerica website, which allows the public to get contact information for these NPAs anywhere in the country, including their addresses, phone numbers and websites.

"It's like an online business directory only for the SourceAmerica NPA network," said Carmella Page, a Senior Website Manager at SourceAmerica. "The tool is very useful for people with disabilities looking for career opportunities, or those seeking to connect family members and friends with disabilities to organizations that are set up to support them."

NPAs in the SourceAmerica network are set up to employ and train people with disabilities in a supportive work environment. Many of the NPAs also participate in the federal AbilityOne® Program, one of the largest sources of employment for people with disabilities.

Looking for SourceAmerica's nonprofit locator? Visit: nonprofit locator tool.