2021 SourceAmerica Grassroots Conference Attendee Spotlight: Gianbeau Bautista

By Tatiana Peralta 04/19/2021
2021 SourceAmerica Grassroots Conference Attendee Spotlight: Gianbeau Bautista

Gianbeau Bautista “Gian” has dedicated his career to serving Marines and Sailors at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. He is best known by his peers, members of the base, and Job Options, Inc., as one of the best food servers around – a recognition of which Bautista is extremely proud.

As a distinguished member of its staff, Bautista was selected by Job Options, Inc., one of approximately 700 nonprofit agencies in the SourceAmerica® network, to participate in this year’s Virtual Grassroots Advocacy Conference. Bautista will join other talented people with disabilities to advocate for better employment opportunities that create a truly inclusive workforce.

“Gian is an amazing person,” said Steve Credle, Human Resources Manager at Job Options, Inc. “He has accomplished so much in our company. He is not only an amazing employee, but an amazing guy.”

Providing 5-star service with a smile on his face is just one of the many reasons that Bautista was selected to attend the conference. From Monday to Friday, he proudly supports the food service operation at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton by serving meals for Marines and Sailors. Bautista is dedicated to ensuring that every day goes off without a hitch. He arrives 45-minutes prior to the start of his shift to greet his fellow employees. Once it’s time to clock-in, he goes to his serving station where is briefed on the meal items he will be serving for that meal.

As a former member of his high school’s Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, the opportunity to work alongside service members brings his career full circle. In JROTC he learned about the military’s rank structure, which he now uses when he speaks to the service members. He also enjoys getting to know the base staff, their food preferences, and requested portions. His ability to remember this information is just one of the many reasons he has become an invaluable part of the team.

Job Options, Inc. has provided Bautista with an immeasurable amount of support and job training. When he is feeling overwhelmed, he follows the advice of his job coach to stay calm and continue his work. In the past five years, he has truly flourished.

“I love my job,” said Bautista. “It makes me feel strong. I am now a key person at the Messe Hall and have people here that know me. I love serving others.”

Outside of work, Bautista is active in his church, participating in service missions, counseling others, and offering rides to those in need. He learned the value of helping others at a young age and brings that knowledge to work every day. Bautista is known by his peers and co-workers as a kind and positive person who can always bring joy to anyone he interacts with.

During the conference, Bautista hopes to share with members of Congress more about his job and how much happiness it brings him. Additionally, he hopes to have conversations about creating a workforce that is inclusive for people with disabilities. Bautista’s message is loud and clear: everyone should have the ability to work if they want to.

To learn more about the conference click here. If your organization is interested in hiring talented people with disabilities, contact customerservice@sourceamerica.org