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Deliver industry-leading products and services through a national community of organizations that share a common vision to provide employment options for professionals with disabilities


All people with a disability have a choice of careers, are celebrated for their abilities and are recognized for creating a more vibrant work environment


Values are a set of standards that determine attitudes, choices, and action. As we position ourselves as a national leader for people with disabilities, these values will help align our organization and culture for mission success.

  • Trust – A firm reliance on the transparency, integrity, and character of people and process
  • Innovation – New and better ways to be relevant
  • Empowerment – Inspire individuals to achieve superior outcomes
  • Stewardship – Prudent use and management of our resources
  • Passion – Intense and unwavering commitment to our mission
  • Humility – To serve and learn


SourceAmerica Code of Conduct