How it works for

Military Customers

The needs of our military customers are critical. For decades, we’ve worked in the federal space to make sure they’re mission-ready. All while increasing job opportunities and independence for tens of thousands of people with disabilities.

We make procurement work for you.

With more than 45 years experience in federal contracting, we know how important it is to build efficiencies throughout the procurement process. We’re dedicated to helping you meet every mission and get every contract requirement exactly right.

  • 1. Start with a call.

    During our initial conversation, we’ll discuss your overall needs, specific mission requirements, budget, and timeline.

  • 2. Understand your requirements.

    Together we’ll navigate any demands associated with your contract.

  • 3. Get matched to the right nonprofit agency.

    We’ll tap into our vast nationwide network of nonprofit agencies and recommend the one that matches your critical requirements.

  • 4. We craft your proposal.

    After our vetting and recommendation process, we’ll present a price proposal that meets your requirements.


AbilityOne + SourceAmerica

As an AbilityOne Authorized Enterprise, we’re able to connect you with the best problem solvers from our nationwide network. Navigating the AbilityOne Program is in our DNA, and we maximize the benefits of meeting every requirement efficiently.

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Procurement Options that Work For You

Any item you procure under AbilityOne is classified as Tier 2 Spend Under Management. And through our supply schedule program, you’ll quickly access critical products and services at fair and reasonable prices.

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